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The computer is one of the key innovations that have made India a leading tech hub in the world.

A large part of the technology used in the country is from India, and it is used in various government and private enterprises in a myriad of sectors.

India has become the second-largest technology hub in South Asia after China, and is the second most populous country in the region.

The world’s largest software developer, Google, has invested about $200 million in a campus in Hyderabad in the city’s industrial zone.

It plans to create 1,400 jobs in Hyderabadi in a new tech park.

This was the biggest tech project in the whole country.

In recent years, the IT industry has also been a strong contributor to the country’s economy.

In a recent interview, Kishore Bishnoi, the CEO of India’s state-owned telecoms firm, Vodafone India, said that it is not a new trend that India has a booming IT sector.

In fact, the country has been growing in IT for many years.

Bishnoni said, “This is a new technology and it’s going to be the basis of all the future technologies.”

The government is also investing in a $50 million IT center in Mumbai.

The government is building a technology park for IT-enabled startups, and said it will also make the technology available to public sector enterprises, as well as private firms.

It is also developing an incubator for startups in the capital.

According to the World Economic Forum, India is on track to become the fifth-largest economy in the next 10 years, and will become the world’s second-biggest economy by 2025.


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