Today we’re announcing our predictions for what the cloud computing landscape will look like in five years time, and which platform will dominate the next wave of computing.

We’ll be releasing our results every week and update them with new predictions throughout the year.

Today’s prediction:The cloud computing space will remain dominated by Amazon’s AWS and Google’s Google Cloud Platform in the coming years.

These companies have built massive cloud computing empires, which they use to run their own services, such as YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, Uber, etc. Amazon has a large number of cloud computing companies and partners, and Google has an impressive number of its own cloud computing partners.

Amazon is currently the largest cloud computing company in the world, with more than $2 trillion in revenues and an enterprise customer base of nearly 70 million people.

The company is one of the largest and fastest-growing cloud computing platforms.

Amazon also has a huge number of other cloud computing customers, such to cloud services from Facebook, Netflix, and many others.

Amazon’s cloud computing infrastructure includes its AWS cloud, which includes a huge amount of computing power, and a number of partners, such Google, Microsoft, and other cloud services.

Google has a significant number of enterprise customers as well.

The search giant has a strong presence in the enterprise and data center markets, as well as cloud services for enterprises.

Google also has its own enterprise cloud services, including Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud Drive.

Microsoft has a long history of building enterprise computing infrastructure and has been a pioneer in cloud computing.

Its Azure cloud service is a key part of Microsoft’s infrastructure, and it is also one of Amazon’s major enterprise cloud providers.

Microsoft has a number a partners, including Rackspace, Google, and VMware.

Google is also growing rapidly in the cloud.

The tech giant is adding a number more cloud computing services to its offerings, including AWS, Google Computes, and Cloud Foundry.

The new services have been made possible through the company’s acquisitions of cloud services companies such as Red Hat, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft also has an aggressive push in the business of data centers.

Microsoft recently purchased data center technology company Red Hat and has made it easier to move data from one data center to another.

Microsoft’s enterprise services for business customers include Azure Data Center, Azure Data Protection, Azure Compute, and Azure Compose.

AWS is a cloud service for large businesses, which Microsoft acquired for $775 million.

AWS also has several partners, which include VMware, HP, Dell, Intel, and others.

The cloud services space will continue to grow rapidly, as companies like Amazon and Google continue to focus on cloud computing as their primary platform for computing.

Amazon, Google and Microsoft will continue their dominance in the industry, and we expect that there will be another wave of cloud infrastructure companies coming into the cloud space.

The future looks bright for the cloud, but it will still take a while for these companies to catch up.


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