It’s not every day you get to see your favorite team play live in the stands.

But that’s exactly what the new app does for sports fans. 

And it’s a big step for the new TV app, which launched in February. 

The ESPN app has a new look and feels, including a revamped interface.

You can access the team’s schedule on the new tab and watch all of their games live.

The app also has new features, including new interactive content, a new user interface and a redesigned app design.

Here are some of the key features that make the new version of the app better:• The ESPN app now includes all of the team schedules from the previous version of ESPN TV.• The app now has a dedicated home screen for fans to access all of that team’s games.• ESPN has created a dedicated app design, including streamlined navigation and an improved user interface.• Fans can now access all game information on one screen.• Users can now watch the entire schedule in the app. 

ESPN also announced that the app will be free, with no ads. 

Fans can also purchase ESPN TV Pass for $30 per month for an additional 30 games.

The new ESPN app includes:• Schedules of all 24 NFL teams (NFL Network and NFL Premium)• The team schedule for all 16 MLB teams• A detailed map of the stadium for all MLB stadiums• A full listing of all the home and away games• Game replay history for all the games• The home and road schedules of the MLB All-Star Game• The league schedule for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament• The entire schedule for NBA games and NBA Playoffs• The NFL schedule for NFL Network games• Live scoreboards of all 30 NFL games• Home and away schedules of all NCAA Men�s Basketball Tournament games• All season long, ESPN HD, the ESPN app’s most popular streaming platform, is available in the Apple App Store.


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