In October, a hacker who goes by the name of AnonGhost claimed to have compromised a number of major companies including Sony Pictures, Microsoft, Yahoo!, McDonald’s, and several major banks.

He also claimed to be behind a number the hackers claimed were affiliated with Anonymous, a group that has targeted companies including Twitter, Sony Pictures and Yahoo!.

Anonymous has also been responsible for the attacks on Sony Pictures.

This year, however, Anonymous has been active in a number more targets.

A hacker named AnonGhost said he hacked into a number, but did not name them, including the Sony Pictures hack, in an article for CyberGhost Magazine.

AnonGhost was a prolific hacker, who had also taken credit for the Sony hack and claimed to hold the keys to the company for a time.

He was also behind a string of high-profile hackings, including a string on PayPal, the personal information of the victims, and the financial security of the banks.

Anonymous has long claimed to possess the keys for many companies, including Twitter.

It has also threatened to leak all the information in the Sony database to prove its case.

It’s not the first time Anonymous has threatened Sony.

In August, Anonymous released a list of information it claims belonged to Sony Pictures that Anonymous had said belonged to it.

Anonymous said that the list included credit card numbers, passwords, social security numbers, and more.

Anonymous also claimed that the company was compromised by a hacker, but that it had not found any evidence of that.

The hacker’s identity has not been revealed, although Anonymous has posted screenshots of his tweets on Pastebin.

Anonymous is still claiming credit for other high-level attacks, including one on PayPal and one on Apple.

But Anonymous has said that it has no intention of releasing the data to prove that it was its own.

The hack has also resulted in an increased interest in the security of electronic devices.

The rise in cyberattacks has been particularly noticeable in the United States, where hackers have targeted banks, governments, and corporations.

In a separate attack, Anonymous also threatened Sony Pictures on Tuesday, claiming that the hacker was responsible for an attack on Apple on Friday.

Anonymous’ attacks on banks, businesses, and governments have been especially dangerous.

Anonymous claims that its attacks have been made possible by the availability of hacking tools and hacking networks.

Anonymous says that its hacking is meant to be a deterrent to the use of these systems.

It also says that it’s not attacking Sony Pictures specifically, but other companies and organizations that it believes may have been compromised by the hackers.

Anonymous announced in October that it would be holding an online contest in which it would reward hackers who could find information on Sony’s computer systems.

Anonymous was also planning a major hacking operation to “get Sony Pictures” off the web, which would result in the theft of the company’s information, according to the organization.

Anonymous claimed to own the Sony databases and information on other targets.

This is not the only time Anonymous claims to have hacked Sony.

Anonymous posted a series of photos on Pastebin that it said it had taken from Sony Pictures servers.

Anonymous wrote that it hacked Sony’s computers and information systems, including access to a security system that it claimed was part of the studio.

Anonymous told CyberGhost that it did not believe this was true, and said it did “not have the necessary equipment” to hack Sony’s systems.

A number of people have pointed out that it is possible that Anonymous is trying to help the hacker to win the competition.

Anonymous did not respond to a request for comment.

Anonymous and Sony have also released a statement saying that they do not have a link to the hacked information.

The Sony Pictures hackers also released an open letter to Sony executives, claiming they have evidence that the hackers stole all of the information on the company.

Anonymous released the same open letter on Pastebin, saying that it also had information that the Sony hackers had stolen.

Anonymous published a list, containing information from several companies, on Pastebin on Tuesday.

Anonymous called on Sony to respond to the leaked information, including an open invitation to the hackers to reveal the full list of company data and an invitation to hackers to take down Sony’s website.

Anonymous asked Sony to also make an offer to the hackers for information that could help them defeat the security measures Sony has implemented to prevent hackers from accessing information.

Anonymous hopes that Sony will offer to release information in return for the information, saying, “Sony has been an easy target for Anonymous’ hack, and we hope they will be open to sharing more information on us in return.”


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