The first iPhone has been unveiled, and it’s not a great one.

But we’re still in a very interesting phase of the Apple TV wars, with Apple trying to make the Apple Watch even more interesting than it already is.

We’ve seen Apple finally reveal the new Apple TV, and the company is clearly making big strides to bring it to the market.

But the iPhone 6S isn’t a great phone at all.

In fact, it’s arguably the worst smartphone we’ve seen in a long time.

And that’s not even considering the problems with the iPhone.

The iPhone 6 is a huge, bad phone.

And the iPhone 7 isn’t even a bad phone at this point either.

It’s just a really bad phone with no great design, and no great functionality.

The 6S is basically the same phone as the iPhone 5S, with the same screen size, the same camera, the exact same specs.

The only thing that the 6S has going for it is that the iPhone is better in every way, and that’s all the iPhone has going.

We’ll go into some of those differences in a moment, but first, a little backstory on the iPhone’s design.

It is the first smartphone to be called the iPhone X. The device itself is a massive slab of glass with a new design and metal unibody construction.

It comes in two sizes: the 8-inch iPhone X, and a smaller 5-inch variant called the 9-inch.

The biggest difference between the two is the size of the display.

The new iPhone X’s display is 4.3-inches wide, which is a lot bigger than the iPhone 4s’ 5.5-inch display.

In addition to being much larger, the iPhone display also has an OLED panel, which displays colors in different ways than LCD panels.

OLED panels, which are now a standard in smartphones, have become a common thing in smartphones these days, and have been widely adopted by the iPhone and other Apple products.

The OLED panels on the new iPhone have an excellent viewing angle, and Apple has added support for HDR to the iPhone, which gives it even better color accuracy than traditional LCD panels can deliver.

The display on the Apple iPhone X is also much sharper than that of the iPhone 8, which was one of the best displays Apple had ever made.

That’s a good thing, because the iPhone screen on the X is very, very bright.

It also has a nice, sharp edge to it, making it a nice option for people with very bright eyes.

The screen on Apple’s new iPhone is also one of its better colors.

The bright color is a nice touch, and you can also easily see it through the lens of the phone.

However, the OLED screen on iPhone X has a big problem: it’s very, really, really bad at colors.

Apple has been using a combination of OLED panels and the “Color Gamut” technology to create its OLED screens, which has a different range of colors than LCDs, but basically everything else is the same.

The difference between an OLED and a LCD screen is in how they produce color.

The colors you see on the OLED panels are a mixture of the various color gamut colors, which range from reds, oranges, yellows, and greens to yellows and blues.

In contrast, the color you see in the LCD screen are the same colors as what’s shown on the LCD panel, but they’re created by combining different color primaries to create a single color.

So you have one primary color that gives you red, one primary tone that gives a green color, and one secondary color that makes up yellows.

The problem with OLED screens is that they produce a lot of color.

You can get a lot more colors out of them, and those colors tend to be brighter, but you’re limited to the amount of color you can get out of an OLED screen.

OLED displays also tend to have a lot less contrast, so they can get very dark.

And you can’t really see a difference between OLED and LCD, because they’re the same color.

That can lead to problems with contrast, as people with darker eyes will tend to notice that a lot darker colors are appearing on the screen.

There are some OLED screens that can be very good at producing dark colors, but Apple’s OLED screens have been improving at a fast pace.

That was something that was apparent with the 9S, as well, which had a much more impressive display with more colors than Apple’s previous OLED displays.

The good news is that Apple has continued to improve OLED panels with the 6s, and even with the 8S.

This is where the iPhone lineup comes into play.

The iPhones are one of Apple’s flagship products, and they’re very expensive.

The cheapest iPhone currently on the market is the iPhone SE.

That phone is a 5.7-inch device, which means it’s going to cost you $649.

That price includes everything else Apple


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