Razer Core5R Gaming Computer: the best thing about a computer.

A sleek and sexy new gaming PC that’s all about the performance, design and build quality.

If you’re looking for a PC that will keep you playing for a long time, then the Razer Core has it covered.

Read more Read more The Razer Core is Razer’s latest foray into gaming laptops, and it’s the best gaming PC we’ve tested.

Razer is using the Core to build its own line of high-end gaming computers, but the Core 5 is just the latest addition to the company’s gaming line.

Its price tag is $1,499, but that’s a lot of money for what’s essentially a small computer.

It has two USB ports, two SD card slots and a full HD webcam.

There’s also a headphone jack and HDMI input, which means you can plug a laptop into the PC for some great audio output.

Razer has also designed the Core with some nifty features like a built-in fingerprint sensor that can be used to unlock the PC, and an optional charging dock that can charge a laptop and monitor separately.

The Core 5’s price also has some serious competition: a pair of the $1.99 Razer Core 3.5 Gaming Laptops will run you about $2,000, but you can pick up a pair for a little less.

The RazerCore 5R is a good choice for gamers looking for the best performance, price and design in a gaming PC.

It’s an excellent gaming PC, but it’s also quite cheap for the quality of the hardware it uses.


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