How to buy a HP computer picture

HP computers typically come in two different sizes, with the smallest one measuring 1.3 inches (40 millimeters) long and 1.7 inches (43 millimeters).However, these two models don’t necessarily match.One model is known as the “regular” HP laptop, while the other is known in the computer industry as the HP Laptop 11.HP laptops are widely available […]

HP laptop hacker steals passwords and photos from PC owners

By JOHN BRADLEY/ReutersA hacker has stolen passwords and personal details from a large number of people’s computers and phones, including many of the owners of the popular HP laptop computers.The hackers used a tool called the FileVault tool to break into computers that were infected with a virus that could spread by hacking into a […]

What to know about the HP and Dell laptops competing for the Best Desktop Computer 2017

It’s hard to believe, but we’re still more than a year from the launch of Dell’s new ThinkPad X1 Carbon.At least, that’s what we thought, as we’re in the midst of the launch event for the new laptops.But what we didn’t expect was that Dell’s newest machines would be competing against two of the most […]

How to make a new HP laptop for £600 with an Intel i7

The £600 HP laptop that made headlines last year, the i7, is getting a refresh in the UK.The new laptop is powered by a quad-core Intel i5-6600U, the same processor found in the new iPad Pro and the iPhone 7.The Intel i6 chip is also available for the new MacBook Pro.If you’re looking to buy […]

Why can’t we get a compact computer desk?

In a recent article on The Hindu, author Deepak Srivastava has stated that people are living in a world where they are no longer able to purchase a large desktop computer because of the cost of making one.“What is going on here?The fact that people cannot buy a desktop computer is because they are not […]

Which computer should you buy for your next computer?

I’ve been on a long quest to find the best computer for my needs.As a result, I’ve found many excellent options that aren’t necessarily on the most expensive list.Some are downright undervalued compared to their competitors.Some offer great value, while others can get you a bargain that’s a little on the pricey side.In the end, […]


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