Ram’s Ram Lab: A $100K Computer that Can Run Your Kids Computer

RAMMERSVILLE, N.C. (Reuters) – Ram has announced plans to develop a $100,000 computer that can run the childrens computer, its lab, its software and even its own videos.Ram’s CEO, John C. Murphy, announced the plan on Friday after announcing in February that it would be making a $1 billion investment in new research facilities.Murphy said […]

How to fix a computer armoire running slow

An easy way to fix the problem is to replace the armoire with a new one that’s faster and has better performance.If you’re like most people, the armory in your home computer is an integral part of your daily activities, from browsing to downloading games.If your computer armory is slowing down, the best way to […]

How to make a computer running on a tiny desktop computer

The first thing you need to know about the computer you want to make is that it’s a desktop computer.So, when you look at it from the outside, you can’t see any parts that would make it more powerful.But, when the computer is on, you do.The components are very tiny.In fact, it’s only 10mm in […]

How to fix Dell computers running slow

A new Dell computer running at the fastest speeds is getting its final upgrade, and the final word is coming from Dell.The company is saying it will upgrade all of its machines running the Core i7 processors to the new Core i9, the most powerful model of the new family.The upgrade will be done over […]


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