‘The best thing’ about a new computer: The new Razer Core 5R Gaming PC

Razer Core5R Gaming Computer: the best thing about a computer.A sleek and sexy new gaming PC that’s all about the performance, design and build quality.If you’re looking for a PC that will keep you playing for a long time, then the Razer Core has it covered.Read more Read more The Razer Core is Razer’s latest […]

Cybersecurity firms to raise hack-proof computer systems in US by 2020

Cybersecurity companies are gearing up to ramp up their hacking capabilities to keep tabs on the nation’s massive digital surveillance infrastructure by 2020, according to the Cybersecurity Industry Association (CIA).CISA, the industry’s trade association, said on Wednesday that the next generation of hacking tools will be designed to “help companies protect themselves from a variety […]

How to get rid of a computer that keeps showing up in your wallpaper

The Windows 10 desktop is always there, but sometimes it’s not.And sometimes, it’s distracting.That’s why you need to know how to remove your desktop wallpaper.“If you don’t have a good reason, why would you install this thing?” said Michael Eberhardt, a computer consultant in Portland, Oregon.“A wallpaper can be distracting, so we’ve got to make […]

Costco to sell its computer parts store

Costco has agreed to sell the computer parts and electronic goods it has been manufacturing for more than 50 years.Costco has been in the computer and electronics business for over 40 years and it is part of the US company Kmart, which is now part of Walmart.The retailer said the sale would give the company […]


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