When a computer microphone is used to track the thoughts of people in real time

Computer microphones are used to monitor the thoughts and feelings of people at all hours of the day and night.While the technology can sometimes be used to spy on people, it’s also capable of capturing images of people, their surroundings and even what they’re eating.And, for a few months in 2016, that technology was also […]

Computer microphone that works like a real microphone

Posted September 13, 2018 10:24:15A computer microphone that is designed to capture sound from a computer’s microphone is a good idea for capturing a wide variety of audio signals, but it also has limitations.The microphone has two microphones that are connected to the computer via a computer cable.The first microphone is called the computer microphone.The […]

Cryptocurrency Mining Firm Offers a $1 Bitcoin in a Virtual Machine

Bitcoin mining is no longer a matter of luck or luck alone.You can now get a lot more for your money when you pay a mining rig.On Friday, a cryptocurrency mining firm, Bitcoin ASIC Miner, posted a teaser video on YouTube that showed off a virtual machine mining Bitcoin in real-time.The video showed off two […]

How to buy a computer keyboard: a step-by-step guide

You probably have a computer.And if you haven’t, you’re probably going to.But that doesn’t mean you’re alone.There are countless people who can’t or won’t spend $300 on a keyboard.This article explains how to buy one.It’s easy to get yourself hooked on a laptop, but it’s not worth it.We’ve got all the answers for you in […]


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