How to get a computer internship in the US

Computers are getting smarter, faster and more powerful.The federal government is trying to make sure the computers we use in our homes and offices don’t fall behind.But it also wants to keep our digital footprints as minimal as possible.The government has proposed a new federal internship program aimed at helping people learn to program, design, […]

Walmart desktop computer setup is like a $20,000 laptop

It may be one of the most valuable items in your home and it is one of just a handful of computer cases you can buy for less than $20.The Dell XPS 13 is one such laptop.You could get it for $10,000, or you could pay the same price for a Dell X1 Pro, or […]

Quantum computing and quantum networking for supercomputers

Quantum computing is a promising technology that can theoretically solve many of the most difficult problems in physics.But how does it work?And where is it coming from?Quantum networking, or quantum internet, is a technology that has been around for years, but hasn’t been used in large scale applications.Now it has been brought to the mainstream […]

How computers could identify your face from a mile away… and the rest is still conjecture

The first step to making a case for a computer system that can tell us about our personal data is to get a picture of the hardware.The next step is to find out what kind of information it can provide.The next step in the case for Google and its algorithmic “computer forensic” forensics tool is […]

Samsung Computer Repair – CES 2018

Samsung Computer repair is one of the hottest topics on the CES 2018 calendar, and you won’t want to miss the event.Samsung Computer is a technology company, so the company will have some products available on display, and they’re going to be in great demand.Samsung has a lot of great products available, but the main […]

When a computer microphone is used to track the thoughts of people in real time

Computer microphones are used to monitor the thoughts and feelings of people at all hours of the day and night.While the technology can sometimes be used to spy on people, it’s also capable of capturing images of people, their surroundings and even what they’re eating.And, for a few months in 2016, that technology was also […]


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