RAMMERSVILLE, N.C. (Reuters) – Ram has announced plans to develop a $100,000 computer that can run the childrens computer, its lab, its software and even its own videos.

Ram’s CEO, John C. Murphy, announced the plan on Friday after announcing in February that it would be making a $1 billion investment in new research facilities.

Murphy said the new Ram Lab would be a prototype for a new type of digital learning system that would be commercially available to educators and parents.

Ram said the goal was to “provide a simple, portable, and easy-to-use computer that parents can use in a classroom setting” and that it was “looking forward to being able to help children to understand the lessons that we teach.”

The Ram Lab is expected to launch in 2019.

Ram has a history of investing in technology for classrooms, with the company building the first open-source computer that has been commercially available for more than a decade.

Ram also is working on a smartphone that it hopes will be used by children.

Ram is also working with other companies to create an educational software for use in classrooms.

Murph said the company was exploring the use of the technology to improve computer literacy.

Ram previously said it was developing a $250,000 tablet computer to help parents teach computer science to their children.

The company has said it hopes to have the tablet device in the hands of parents in 2018.

Ram, which was founded in 1980 and is based in nearby Raleigh, North Carolina, has about 4,200 employees.


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