You might have been tempted to put the remote control in the back of your car.

Now you can, thanks to the launch of a new line of computer monitors with a remote control.

The Amazon Alexa Remote Control is a 4K monitor that lets you remotely control your home entertainment system and any other connected device, like your TV, computer or game console.

It’s available now at the Amazon store.

It uses Amazon’s Alexa software to recognize the voice commands that are on your TV.

It will also let you control the music you listen to from your computer, and control other devices like lights and appliances.

You can control your TV with Alexa, and it will also allow you to adjust the brightness, color and contrast of your TV using the Alexa remote.

Amazon said it hopes the Alexa Remote will be used by “a large number of people,” with the aim of “increasing the convenience and affordability of home automation.”

The monitor has two USB ports that can be plugged into an outlet to charge your devices.

Amazon says you can also plug it into your TV for a wireless HDMI connection, but you will need to connect the device through the Alexa device’s remote control, or use another HDMI connection to your TV to connect it to your home’s HDMI-to-DVI or DisplayPort-to-“USB” adapter.

Amazon’s remote controls will also recognize and play the music that you listen with the Alexa app, and then play back the music to your speakers or a connected speaker system.

For example, if you have a Dolby Atmos speaker system, the Alexa Assistant can be used to control your speakers with the remote.

This means that you can have Alexa say “Alexa, turn down the volume” to set your speakers to “flat.”

And you can play back audio from any device that has a remote to control the lights in your home.

Alexa is available on the Amazon Echo and Alexa Dot, but it will be launched later this year.

The Alexa remote control is one of a number of devices that are being introduced this year that can control smart home devices like refrigerators, lights and air conditioners, thermostats, smoke detectors, cameras and more.

In addition to the Amazon Alexa remote, several other smart home products will be launching this year, including the Amazon Lockscreen Smart Lock, the Amazon Energy Monitor and the Amazon Nest thermostat.

The company also announced the $199 Echo Dot smart speaker, which includes an Alexa-controlled speaker and microphone, as well as a remote that can play music.

It also announced a new wireless remote control that can access Amazon Alexa’s HomeKit network, so you can use the Alexa voice assistant to control devices like thermostators and locks.

“Smart Home” is one term Amazon uses for smart devices, like the Echo, Nest, Energy Monitor, or the Echo Dot, that are connected to the internet to provide remote access to information and control services.

The Echo Dot is the latest smart home product to launch with Alexa.

The new Echo Dot can control a variety of smart home services, like thermoregulation, lighting, or security cameras.

For instance, it can control an air conditioner by using Alexa to tell it to turn on and off.

If you want to control a security camera, Alexa can tell it where to look, what to do, and how to record it.

The AirWise remote is a smart remote control for home automation.

It works like an Amazon Echo, but with Alexa-powered features, like smart thermostatic control, access to Amazon’s cloud storage, and smart lighting.

The $129 Smart Remote can be controlled from an app.

It features Alexa-based voice commands and access to Alexa’s home security system.

The Smart Remote also comes with a USB-C cable that plugs into the Alexa-enabled remote.

The other two smart home device launch announcements include the $129 Hue lights, and the $99 Wink smart lights.


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