The next president has to win over at least 60 percent of the popular vote to secure the White House, a milestone that is expected to happen this year.

The Democrats, who are in the minority, are hoping to capture enough seats to make the transition easier, even if they do not always win the popular election.

The party is hoping to gain control of the Senate, the House and the White Houses, and it has the Senate majority by the end of the year.

But it may have to wait a few months longer than it has in recent history to achieve this goal.

Democrats may be able to secure some of the gains they made in 2014, when they won control of both houses of Congress, but they are still not as powerful as they once were.

The Democratic Party is currently in the midst of a slow but steady climb back to relevance.

Democrats are currently in a two-way tie with the Republicans for the lead in the Senate.

They also hold an eight-seat advantage in the House, which is the largest margin of victory in the history of the United States.

The election will be held Nov. 8.

Democrats control the House of Representatives and the Senate by a narrow margin.

If Democrats were to retake the Senate this year, they would likely need the support of at least seven of the 52 Senate Republicans, including President Donald Trump, to pass the tax reform package.

In order to do this, Democrats would need to win at least two of the four seats in the 2018 midterms that Republicans hold in states that have gone red.

The Republican Party is facing a number of challenges, including the ongoing investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and a growing national debt.

Democrats also face the threat of an unbalanced map in 2020 that could allow Republicans to pick up a handful of seats in states like Virginia, where the Republican candidate for governor, Ed Gillespie, won an upset victory.

But the Democratic Party’s current path to victory in 2020 is very narrow.

And while Democrats may have a very narrow path to a second term, they have a much bigger one to make it in 2020.

The biggest challenge for Democrats in 2020 may be winning back the White Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions.

The former attorney general has served as a staunch Trump surrogate, and he has been the focus of many Democrats’ criticism.

Democrats could easily lose a seat, but it may be harder than they think.

After all, Republicans control the Senate with 52 seats.

If Republicans retake the seat from Sessions, they could pick up the majority in the chamber with only 51 votes.

Republicans would need the backing of 51 of the 50 senators in the 60-seat Senate to pass any tax legislation.

This would give Democrats a very difficult path to enact tax reform in 2021.

The most likely scenario for Democrats is to lose the seat in 2020 and take back the Senate seat in 2022.

Democrats currently hold a 54-seat majority in both chambers of Congress.

If they were to win back the House seat and take the Senate one step further, they’d have the opportunity to pick off another four seats that would allow them to make tax reform a reality.

In other words, Democrats have a better chance of achieving their 2020 goal than any of the other candidates running for the White Statehouse in 2021 or 2022.

The 2018 midterm elections and 2020 midterm elections were extremely close, with a median margin of loss of more than 4 percentage points.

If a Democrat were to get the Senate and take control of a state in 2018, he or she would need a margin of between four and five percentage points to secure a majority in that state.

That could be tough to accomplish, especially if there are some states in play that Republicans have been targeting for a 2018 gubernatorial run, like Arizona and Florida.

If the Democrats do not have enough votes in the midterms to regain control of either chamber of Congress and if the 2018 elections were not as close as we expected, 2020 would not be a year to be excited about the 2020 election.

Democrats would have to win just one seat in 2021 to achieve the 2020 goal.

They would have only a slight chance of doing this, however, if they had not picked up a seat in the Georgia 6th District, which could be in play in 2020 if Republican Rep. Allen Peake is reelected.

The next Democrat to be elected governor of Georgia in 2021 would be former Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, who is running for re-election.

He is currently polling in the low 20s, which puts him in the same range as the 2020 candidate in Georgia, D.C. Council member Jon Huntsman Jr. Reed is a former Georgia state senator and a former Republican National Committee chairman.

He has spent the last four years working with Democrats to pass a comprehensive health care bill, which he said would bring more than $2 trillion in new funding to the state.

But with Peake out of the race and with Democrats on the defensive in 2020, Reed may not be able, or willing, to get much traction in 2021


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