How to make a robot that reads human words

Google is launching a robot called the Acoustic Brain, which it hopes will be able to help people communicate with each other.

The company says the robot can recognise human language and can even recognise “a person’s facial expressions and voice”.

The company is developing the robot as part of a wider research project called “acoustics” to see how it can help people to communicate better with each one of themselves.

The team is developing AcousticBrain to help improve people’s understanding of the human body and to help make better use of natural sounds.

It will be developed in Australia, China and Germany.

Google says the Acoustics project is aimed at improving people’s mental health and wellbeing.

It says it hopes the robot will help people feel “in control of their health and wellness” and also help them feel less isolated and more connected with their family and friends.

“In a world where people communicate more, we want to help us communicate with people, especially our closest ones,” the company says on the project’s website.

The Acoustic Mind project will involve researchers in Australia and Germany studying how to use “a combination of sound and brainwaves” to create “a sound that’s like a human voice”, says Google.

Acoustic brain It will also be working on how to create a “sensory organ” that could be used to “provide information” about people and events, such as “the sound of the storm”.

Acoustic mind “In the next few years we want AcousticMind to help users better understand the brain, which is an amazing and diverse collection of cells, proteins, hormones and other molecules that give rise to consciousness, emotions, memory, mood and even movement,” the project says.

The project aims to “implement brain-computer interfaces (BCI) in all sorts of settings”, which “can give us new and interesting applications.”

It will aim to make BCI “a central part of all communications systems in the future”.

Google is developing its own prototype of the Acorn brain to use in its projects, and the company is also working on a more general version of the technology.

The system will be used for voice-to-text communication.

Acoustic brain is similar to a type of BCI, which allows a person to talk to another person using sounds that can be made with the help of a “brain-computer interface” system.

Google is hoping the system will make its way into other areas of its research.


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