Google’s Gmail account will soon have a new service: Google Drive.

The company announced Monday that Gmail accounts will soon be able to automatically sync to Google’s cloud storage service, Dropbox.

Google’s new service will make it easier for people to share documents, photos, and videos with one another.

“Gmail’s mission is to help people get the things they love most, from the people they care about to the things that matter to them,” said Brian Behlendorf, Google’s vice president of product management.

“Our new Google Drive service will help people share and organize their digital lives with others.”

People who have Gmail accounts in their Google Drive account will now be able automatically sync their files to the new service.

“We are thrilled to bring this service to our users,” Behlenderf added.

“The new GoogleDrive feature is designed to improve the experience for Gmail users by enabling more collaboration and sharing, as well as allowing users to take advantage of their new capabilities in the Cloud.”

In addition to allowing people to sync their Gmail accounts, Google Drive will allow users to organize and share files and folders.

The new service comes as Google’s free email service is under pressure from users who are unhappy with how the company treats them.

In addition, the company has been pushing new features and features that are designed to make the company more convenient for its users.

For example, the Gmail account also has an ability to create a new profile.

The account can then be used to send out personalized emails and photos to people you have a relationship with.

It also lets users share documents with friends and family.

Google also announced that it is launching a new app called Google Cloud Print.

The app will allow people to send and receive documents from their Google account to other devices.

Google said it will also start shipping its new service to other Google apps.


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