A laptop computer purchased at a computer retailer on Craigslist for $4.99 on eBay was sold on Monday for $5.99, according to a Twitter post by a seller on the popular computer benchmark site Craigslist.

The seller wrote on Twitter that he bought the laptop at a mall store in California for $1,400 and that the buyer, a man in his 30s, paid $3.99 for it, which included shipping.

The buyer paid $4 and the seller received a refund.

The purchase was the second highest-selling item on the site Monday.

The highest-priced item sold was a $1.9 million MacBook Air that had been sold for a total of $6,788, according the website.

It was the fourth highest-end item sold on the website, which aggregates hundreds of thousands of listings for a variety of items including laptops, TVs, and other electronic items.

The average selling price for items on the auction site on Monday was $4-6,000.

Craigslist is known for offering a wide variety of products for sale.

It offers a wide array of items, ranging from used computers, electronics, and accessories to appliances, furniture, and a wide range of electronics and furniture.

The site has a huge inventory of used and new electronics.

For example, the average sale price for a computer, which can cost anywhere from $400 to $700, was $1 and up in 2018, according a study by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) released earlier this year.

The study also found that the average cost of a laptop computer was $500 to $1-2,000, while the average selling prices of PCs and other electronics were $3-5,500.

However, some people may prefer to buy their computers at a discount, while others may prefer the item at its original retail price, according Matt Wood, the managing director of EPI’s technology program.

“The reality is people are looking for a bargain, and if you can’t get a better deal, then you’ll have a lower selling price, because you’re not getting the original retail value,” Wood said.

“People are buying things for a very specific reason.

People are buying their kids something for Christmas, or their grandkids something for graduation.

So you have to find a way to do it for them.”


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