Top 25 Computers, Tablets, and Smartphones That Can Actually Do the Job

Computers can do the job of running websites and social media, but how do they do it?For most of us, the answer is “just like a computer,” writes Matt Bellamy.If we’re using the right device, there are a lot of ways to perform the tasks.To learn more about what’s available to us, we asked our […]

How to hack a computer chip

The computer chip industry is in crisis and it’s all thanks to an unknown threat.As we’ve seen with cyberattacks, it’s easy to get the wrong idea about how to attack a chip.In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to hack an Intel® i5-3210U processor, which is the chip that powers most smartphones, tablets, and desktop […]

How to protect yourself from malware online

Another malware threat has hit the computer market, this time targeting the Internet of Things (IoT) smart devices and home appliances.The malicious software, dubbed ‘Istvad’ or IoT, has been found on over 1,200 connected smart devices, and the researchers are still investigating the extent of the threat.According to research from Trend Micro, this particular ransomware […]

When the Raspberry Pi hits the market, what will you be using it for?

When I first heard about the Raspberry PI I thought, “Wow, this is crazy.”But the first thing I thought was, “What are these people thinking?”They have no idea.The Pi is an extremely inexpensive microcomputer that has a battery and a processor that’s only a couple of thousand dollars.So you can use it to play games, […]

Dell computers will be sold in China

Dell Computers in China will soon be selling in the country, thanks to an agreement between the country’s state-run computer manufacturer and the local electronics giant.According to a report from the state-owned Global Times, Dell plans to launch a brand-new line of laptops in the capital, Beijing, with a price tag of about $1,200 ($1,400 […]

What you need to know about the Mac mini and other devices with the Intel processor

With the new Intel Core i7-7600K CPU, Intel introduced a new form factor for computing devices, allowing you to plug in your computer and go.It’s the second generation of Intel processors, and Intel is known for its high-end, powerful chips.However, there are some things to keep in mind about the new processor, and they are […]

‘The best thing’ about a new computer: The new Razer Core 5R Gaming PC

Razer Core5R Gaming Computer: the best thing about a computer.A sleek and sexy new gaming PC that’s all about the performance, design and build quality.If you’re looking for a PC that will keep you playing for a long time, then the Razer Core has it covered.Read more Read more The Razer Core is Razer’s latest […]


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